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Kate has exhibited at galleries throughout the UK, Europe and most recently in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She regularly facilitates participatory creative workshops in jewellery and other art forms for galleries, schools and other organisations.

Kate is currently undertaking a number of research projects into wearable technologies, industrial manufacturing processes and the heritage and inheritance of materials and objects.

Kate graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Three-Dimensional Design from the University of Portsmouth in 1998.


“Attention to detail and quality workmanship is very important to me throughout the design and creation process.

My interest in materials and processes helps me further my work; I develop my ideas best through making and experimentation.

Themes of concealment, translucence and memory evolve in my work; I focus on shape, line and layers to make each piece distinct.”


Commissions include Kate’s signature pieces and work in precious metals (sliver and gold) for a variety of clients. As all jewellery is handmade, Kate is able to offer a unique service of designing and making individual pieces that are specially commissioned.

Pendant silver commission 2005
Pendant ebony silver commission 2007
Pendant arts way evening class
Pendant nylon neck piece